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gender can be a scale between two extremes. gender can be like a Venn diagram.

gender can be triangular. gender can be quadrilateral or even any polygon.

gender can even be a circle. gender can be structured like an infinite web.

or even everywhere. or even just nothing at all.

all of these and more are valid to illustrate your own gender identity. yours, and yours alone. 

however, do not gender other people without their consent.]

a helpful photoset to see the many ways you can have more than one gender or a mix of them, depending on the individual and their personality.

these are all the expressions i could think of in the moment but there are so many more possibilities it’s incredible.

gender and its understanding is truly infinite and you can make of it what you are allowed to claim and what you can figure out for yourself.

just remember that your understanding of your identity can only truly fit your own definition and cannot be subject to the opinions of others, even if it is changed or molded by them. you are still you, no matter how often you change your mind or grow.

- sere